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Established in 2013 on the recommendation of a client who owned his own $90m turnover company. He told me to do it myself… that my relationships in the market, honesty and, “say it how it is” attitude was something that was refreshing and unique in the market.

He commented, “you’re not a recruiter, you’re a business man”, and I took that as the compliment it was intended.

At YHR Recruitment: we’re all about people. When you first meet someone, you will usually ask how they are, what their name is and then dive straight into, “what do you do?”.  Work is a very important element in our life.  We spend more time at work than anywhere else. Our jobs help us support our families and plan for our futures. Who we work with and how we do our work, defines us.

At YHR Recruitment, we’ve made it our life’s work to understand your industry, and to understand why you may be looking for another opportunity. For business owners, that industry knowledge coupled with what makes your business and culture unique, together with the people you want working with you, with the right skill-set, in the right area, are the very people who come to us searching for that very prospect. 

about YHR recruitment

We connect the dots and help support all parties during the interview process, well past appointment, and helping to find similar people for those that we helped get that very position as a client.

Our promise is to always listen to what YOU need, what YOU want and then, help YOU get it. We also promise to be time efficient, honest, and transparent in all that we do.  These are the core values that create trust, which is the foundation of any relationship.  We value our relationships and we are committed to making a difference in your life, to your business, and to our industries.

Simply put: We put people first

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Yianni Hatzidimitriou

Managing Director at YHR Recruitment

Hi there, I’m Yianni. Let me tell you a story which may help answer the question of who I am. My Mum tells me that when she would take me grocery shopping, she couldn’t leave me alone for a single second as I’d walk off and speak to everyone and anyone.

This passion and interest in people have driven my choices in life; an avid football fan, ex player and coach, overseas group studying and culture trips, studying Human Resource Management at University, and falling into a career in recruitment which started via my resume being shared in paper through a mutual contact, after a football match, in a different state! This was then followed by a quick conversation out of the blue.

When you travel, how do you judge the trip? Is it the weather? Cuisine? Architecture? I judge it by the people I meet, conversations I have, and the shared experiences with those around me.

When you do what you love, they say you’ve never worked a day in your life. I honestly don’t know about that! One thing I am sure of, is that I feel very privileged to be able to help people in one of their most important choices and where they spend the majority of their lives…work.

It is my passion in people and the friendships I have made, that continue to drive me to this day. Let’s share a part of this journey together and let me help you by using my relationships to ensure you make the right choice when it comes to your career.

Yianni Hatzidimitriou

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